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How Long Does a Cell Phone Battery Last?

Battery life is the most widely discussed feature of modern smartphones, and there is so much to talk about it. Want to know about the battery life of your smartphone? Does your phone battery get low very quickly? Do you want to extend the life of your cell phone battery? We came up with every possible answer to clear out your confusion.

How long does a cell phone battery last is the most crucial question these days. Every device is different, having several variations to amaze you. However, battery charge and battery life mainly depend upon the usage. The way you handle your device matters the most in maintaining the good life of your smartphone.

How long should a phone battery last between charges

Your phone’s battery life depends on your device and its capacity. Moreover, how often you charge your phone is another most important factor. Your charging cycle decides the life of your cell phone battery. On average, after 500 charging cycles, your cell phone battery loses around 20% capacity. Later, after 2000 or more cycles, it will lose essentially all of its capability. The following points are to clear it for you:

  • If you charge your cell phone once every two days, your battery will remain in good condition for up to 32 months.
  • If you do it every day, the lifespan will be of 16 months.
  • Finally, a continuous pattern of charging it twice a day will lead you will lose the battery only after 8 months.

Difference between batteries

There are mainly two battery types, depending on the chemical compositions, weight, and size. These are lithium-ion and lithium-polymer.

The lithium-ion battery type is the oldest and one of the commonly used. It has better self-maintenance and cool temperatures. Lithium-polymer, on the other hand, is a more advanced battery type and is lighter in weight. They are more portable because of smaller sizes.

Factors affecting battery duration

The duration of your cell phone battery charge depends on your device and your usage. Sometimes, your battery can be completely discharged in a day or two. Whereas, other times, it takes only a few hours to do so. Why? Because we don’t use these smartphones for just making calls, but also to play games, make videocalls taking pictures and videos, and much more, which simply results in a faster drainage of battery.

It is so disturbing when your cell phone battery dies at the worst possible moment, even if you have charged it just before. Hence, the main factors that affect your battery life are mentioned below:

  • Apps
  • Battery Life
  • Display
  • Connections
  • Camera
how long should a cell phone battery last between charges


Ah, these apps! Can we quit using apps? Obviously, no, because we are using a lot of apps for various reasons, and we can’t stop using them. We use several active apps that collect data and other permissions, draining a lot of battery. Using a camera, GPS, editing, music in the background, and other apps can have a great impact on battery life. Moreover, we all know that mobile games are affecting our batteries a lot. As we are playing modern games with so many features at the same time, we must know that they will drain our battery charge much faster.

Battery life

The size and type of battery matters for the duration. Every battery has a specific life span and will start deteriorating after a particular limit of charging cycles. Frequent use can also result in quicker drainage of your battery. The bigger the battery, the longer its charge will last between every recharge. However, you maybe use a fast charger to shorten this time.


This is the second most common factor after the usage of apps. Different display ways of your cell phone influence how long your battery will charge last. Bigger phones have huge displays, requiring too much light to stay bright. Hence, with this requirement, more battery charge is used. The display resolution also has an impact on your charge. Moreover, some users go for brighter screens, draining a lot of battery as a consequence.

The refresh rate of your cell phone also affects the battery duration. The more it refreshes, the more processing power it gains with a lot of battery strain.


You might be surprised to know that connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location, etc. have a great impact on your battery drainage. Even if you don’t use them, but they are turned on, they will use your battery. Another surprising fact is that if you have weak signals of such connections, they will eat up much more battery charge. A lot of people even use airplane modes to save their battery life.


All cameras of devices are created differently and have different impacts on the battery duration. How long your cell phone battery lasts depends on the camera usage too. As it is a separate hardware piece, it requires much of your battery to function properly. Moreover, if your phone has some extra features of the camera, it will strain more power.

Steps to extend your battery duration

Here are some tips to help you out in saving your battery’s charge:

  • Don’t overuse your phone.
  • Avoid letting your phone charge even after it’s full.
  • Frequent charging also helps to extend your battery life.
  • The common mistake is the usage during charging. It affects your phone and battery both.
  • Temperatures have a huge impact on your devices. Hence, avoid using them in high temperatures, and let them cool after every few hours.
  • Try to avoid charging your phone overnight, and only charge it to 80% capacity if possible.
  • When the electricity conditions are not stable, don’t charge your phone.
  • The original charger keeps your battery healthy and happy.
  • Prefer low power mode and low brightness level to save your eyes and battery at the same time.
  • Frequent installation of different apps leads to a lot of battery drainage; therefore, avoid it.
  • Turn off all the connections when not needed to keep your battery full.
  • Go for dark themes.
  • Never leave your phone on charge for the whole night; it will damage the device and battery.


How long does a cell phone battery last ultimately depends upon several factors, with usage being the most important one. If you follow the right way to operate your phone, keeping an eye on the battery percentage will have a longer life span with prolonged battery duration too.

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