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Your PS4 controller won’t charge with USB? Here’s how to solve it

The PlayStation 4 is one of the top consoles on the market right now. If you have one, you know how fun gaming can be. Playing games with a wireless controller on the PlayStation 4 definitely feels freer than being tied to a wire. However, it comes with its drawbacks because you have to charge it regularly. What’s more, when problems arise, charging them can be a real headache. The reasons why your PS4 controller won’t charge with USB can vary from minor to major. Because all devices suffer from some kind of problem and there can be many root causes of these problems.

If your controller suddenly and unusable looks 100% dead, no lights, no connection, then you may be facing a USB problem. For reasons that are not clear, these PS4 controllers lose their ability to charge via USB after a long hiatus and do not even recognize it when the cable is plugged in.

Main Reasons for PS4 Controller Not Charging

When you buy a new PS4 then the controller works fine for a while. Then one day it stops working and stops charging. We’ve tried using both cables in both USB slots to make sure the connection is pulled on both sides, but with no luck. The cable will turn red as if it were charged occasionally but will usually remain blue. Like some other different wireless controllers, PS4 controllers have many unusual aspects and reasons why they may not charge properly. Some of the reasons are listed below.

Problematic cable

Just like the cables of your smartphones often stop working or get damaged over time, the charging cable for the PS4 is no different. It can become damaged, and thus stop passing any current.

Error state

The PS4 controller may be in a state of error which may render its compensation mechanism useless. Resetting the controller usually solves this problem.

Batteries are dead

The first and most common problem that has been observed is that the batteries have been overused and have died. The batteries have a normal lifespan and are expected to be replaced after a while. So make sure you do this before you finish any other work. Each rechargeable battery has its limit and life. If you haven’t even replaced your batteries, this could be a problem.

Damaged port

The charging port in your PS4 controller is faulty or bad. This is why the controller does not charge when the charging cable is connected to the system. The port you are connecting your cable to can often be the cause. A broken or damaged port cannot charge the controller.

How to fix PS4 controller USB charge issues

ps4 controller wireless blue light

It can be extremely annoying when you’re about to play a game, but your PS4 controller won’t charge even with USB plugged in. Before jumping into any of the methods mentioned below, make sure your PS4 is not physically damaged. In case of any potential physical damage, get it checked by an authorized store.

Try resetting your PS4 Controller

Before you start interfering with your wires and batteries, we highly recommend that you try resetting your PS4 controller to factory settings first. To do this:

  • First, completely turn off your PS4 and unplug it from it’s power source.
  • Now use a small clip (or a similar thin tool) to press the PS4 controller reset button. This button is located on the back of the PS4 controller, close to the L2 button. Press for a couple of seconds.
  • Finally, connect your PS4 controller to your PS4 console, using a USB charging cable.

After this, you should see the PS4 controller charging via USB cable and connected to your PS4 console. Otherwise, read on for other potential solutions.

Perform a power cycling of your PS4

Another mistake that can cause your controllers to either lose their electrocuting capabilities or not charge at all is the condition of the PS4. If the console itself can’t fix the bugs, this could be a reason for your PS4 to behave unexpectedly. Your PS4 console may also be in error, which may be the fault because your PS4 controller is not charging as expected. There are numerous user reports that running the console with electricity has solved the problem. Power cycling is all about restarting the console, so all temporary configurations are gone.

  • First, turn off your PS4 console and controller as usual.
  • Next, remove the main power supply wire from your console socket and leave it idle for 5-10 minutes. Additionally, press and hold the PS4 power button for 30 seconds to make sure all the energy is gone.
  • FInally, reconnect everything and turn on your console and controller.

Again, if this doesn’t fix your issues, read on for more potential solutions.

Check a different PS4 controller USB charging cable

It might be that your USB cable is faulty. Over time, prolongued usage can cause a good working cable to suddenly malfunction. Thus, if your PS4 controller won’t charge with the USB cable provided, we recommend that you try with a different cable. Simply connect another USB cable, or borrow one from a friend, and check if that one works. If this USB cable won’t charge your PS4 controller, then there is something wrong with your PS4 controller.

ocre ps4 controller usb light

Try charging a different PS4 controller with the same USB cable

Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a spare USB charging cable, you can try the following: simply plug a different PS4 controller to the same USB charging cable, and check whether that one works.

This will tell us whether the problem is with the USB cable or with the PS4 controller itself.

Replace your controller batteries

If none of the steps above helped you find a solution for your PS4 controller, then you might have to replace its batteries. Like our smartphones or laptops, all PlayStation 4 controllers use lithium-ion batteries, which have a defined lifespan and can degrade quite quickly. After a certain number of charging cycles, these batteries run out of juice and you’ll need to replace them with new ones to continue using your PS4 controller.

You can watch this YouTube tutorial to easily replace your PS4 batteries in less than 5 minutes.

Try plugging your controller USB cable upside down

Another potential fix is to try reverse charging your PS4 controller if you have a problem with not charging it. Essentially, al this means is to flip your PS4 controller, and charge it the other way round. There is no proven scientific or community support for this method, but a lot of people (including us!) have tried it, and it works.

Check the charging port 

The last tip from us has to do with your PS4 controller charging port, which can easily collect dust, dirt, or debris over time. When these items accumulate too much, it can prevent the USB cable from properly connecting and, therefore, charging. Try inspecting the USB port using a magnifying glass, and see if you need to clean it. If you need to, use compressed air to blow dust or debris and avoid anything sticking inside. A faulty connector inside the port can make the controller completely useless.

playstation 4 controller charging


If none of the above solutions help, you can assume that there is a hardware problem with the controller. Try contacting Sony Support, especially if the PS4 controller is still in warranty, since you might be able to get a replacement PS4 controller for free. Otherwise, unfortunately you might just have to buy a new one.

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